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Online Courses

Each art lesson has been tried and tested with real students so that common questions are answered and common mistakes can be avoided, leaving you with an enjoyable and successful art experience!

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The online classes that we have created are focused on a combination of different learning outcomes.


The lessons will vary from basic drawing skills, through to colour mixing and the blending of colours. Using a variety of different techniques and mediums your children will learn to develop their fine motor skills, as well as explore their own creativity.


These lessons introduce children to different mediums and styles. The goal is to encourage children to have their own form of self expression whilst building up their confidence in the creative arts.


The online videos have step by step instructions to help guide your children in their art making. The instructional booklet explains the equipment, as well as other information required to complete the art lesson. These resources have been created to help facilitate your child's creativity and teach them methods that they can use to make their own masterpieces.


These lessons are suitable for children aged 5 - 12. Classes are pitched at a beginner to intermediate level. 



These art activities can be completed within a day, a week or a term. However, this is dependant on skill level, age and patience of your child.

Each lessons has been broken up in increments of no more than 9min viewing time. This has been done in order to give you the flexibility of how you would like to organise your day and time for art activities.

That way you can choose the amount of time you would like to spend on art for the day. For example, you could spend a couple of hours on a lesson or choose to deliver it in smaller increments throughout the week. Some projects might take the whole term. Whereas other projects will take no more than an hour to complete.

As a parent you can determine the time you would like to spend on the lesson. Each subject has more than one lesson, so dependant on the age of your child, and skill level the way you choose to do the lessons is really up to you. Some children will be able to complete the full lessons within a couple of hours. Whereas some may need to do the art exercises in smaller increments over a period of weeks.

This is one example of how you could deliver the lessons to your child.


  • Read the booklet provided. 

  • Collect all your materials required.

  • Watch lesson 1.

  • Stop the video and complete the task associated with this video.

You could finish here and begin the next video in the lesson on a different day. Or you may choose to continue the lessons until the lesson is fully complete.

Please note there are some lessons that will only take an hour to complete, and there are some more complex lessons that you could easily do over 6 weeks.


Each lesson is comprised of :


  • A booklet with basic instructions (PDF).

  • A list of materials and equipment required.

  • Step by step instructions regarding drawing, colour mixing, painting.

  • The online videos have clear instructions regarding the steps to follow, making them ideal for the primary aged child.


Most of the courses offered in our Primary Art Lessons are provided by Nicki Crouch. She is an professionally trained art teacher, qualified art therapist and a mother of 2. She has been teaching art for over 30 years to adults and children - including homeschool groups.

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