Art Classes for children aged between 5 -12 years of age

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Cupcakes on canvas is an easy beginner art lesson that's perfect for any age child. Children are led through an easy draw-along lesson of how to draw a cupcake. They are then shown different paint techniques to create their own cupcake.

These art lessons are about creating your own version of a cupcake and learning some great techniques along the way. They are suitable for children with limited experience in drawing.

What you will learn from this lesson 



  • Online lessons 

  • How to draw a cupcake

  • Drawing the Background 

  • Techniques using acrylics to paint and decorate the cupcake

  • Techniques using acrylics to paint the background 

  • Instructional downloadable booklet (PDF)

  • Equipment list

  • Do at your own pace

COST : $12.00

Learn a variety of art skills and techniques using acrylic paints.

Children will learn how to blend colours and create fun works of art.

Create beautiful backgrounds by combining greens and purples.

Create a beautiful piece of artwork.

Children will be lead through a variety of easy draw-along lessons.