About Me




I have been an artist, art teacher & designer for over the past 30 years and have had many years of experience in taking various art groups, classes and workshops with children through to adults.

During this time I have been employed in various positions associated with children from Art Teaching in Schools, Ceramic painting workshops where I was employed for a variety of years and also running courses for Homeschoolers.


 The aim of these classes is to develop children's creativity and teach them various forms of art techniques and styles. 

The classes consist of a variety of practical lessons that can range anywhere from drawing to sculpture. My goal is that whilst children are improving their skills and art techniques in the classes, they will also learn to express themselves and create their own individual forms of artwork thus increasing their confidence, sense of self and creativity.


 My goal for all my students is for them to experience a variety of different techniques and mediums. Whilst encouraging them to explore their own creativity and be inspired with exciting and stimulating lessons.


  • Bachelor of Visual Arts

  • Diploma in Education

  • Masters in Art Therapy 

  • Current First aid certificate

  •  Working with Children check 

Employment History

  • Have taught visual arts for over 25years to adults as well as children

  • Taught ceramic painting to adults/children

  • Designed Dinnerware for major retailers such as Alex Liddy, David Jones, Myers

  • Worked as a T-Shirt designer / Fabric designer

  • Designed cards for the Ink Group/ Card Sharp

  • Employed as a Primary School Art Teacher

  • Worked as High School Art Teacher 

  • Art Therapist/Art Teacher          

Whether it be through painting, sculpting or any other art form. In the right environment Children are so willing to explore and try new things often suprising themselves with what they are capable of achieving. These art classes are designed to bring confidence and individuality in a way that will suit your child.