About Me




 As a young girl I always loved art as well as teaching, and I still do.

As a result I went to university and studied art where I received a Bachelor of Visual Arts and then went on to finish a Diploma in Education. Years later I went on and finished a Master's in Art Therapy where I worked part time as an art therapist for nearly 5 years.

I have had over 30 years of experience in taking various art groups, classes and workshops with children through to adults. Over the years I have worked in Primary schools, High schools, After School Care Centre's and more...

I am  currently working as an Art Therapist and an Art Teacher.


One of my passions is helping children develop their own unique style using colour, creativity and  imagination. 

Whether it be through painting, collage or any other art form, in the right environment children are so willing to explore and try new things.

Children often surprise themselves with what they are capable of achieving.

These art classes are designed to bring confidence and individuality in a way that will suit your child.

In all of my 25 years of teaching art the one thing that I have observed about students as well as myself, is the power

art can play in a persons life.


When I teach art it is never just about doing a pretty picture or completing a task.
Yes ! These things can be important but the value I see is far greater. 

  • It is in the nurturing of a child and the building up of their identity.

  • It is about inviting children to experiment and express themselves in their own unique way.

  • It is about growing their confidence in who they are, so they don't have to feel like they have to be like everyone else.

  • It is about the joy of discovering something new.

  • It is about learning to organise themselves, set goals and manage their time.

  • It is about their own creativity and more...

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  • Bachelor of Visual Arts

  • Diploma in Education

  • Masters in Art Therapy 

  • Current First aid certificate

  •  Working with Children check 

The aim of these classes are to:

  • Improve the children's skills and art techniques

  • Learn to express themselves and create their own individual forms of artwork.

  • Increase their confidence, sense of self and creativity.