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Meet Nicki

I am an Art Teacher, Artist, Art Therapist and a Mother of 2.

Over the last 30 years I have been facilitating a variety of art groups, classes and workshops with children through to adults.

I am passionate about helping people develop creative thought and inspire imagination. I believe my role as a teacher is to encourage self expression; whilst helping people develop their own unique style with confidence.

Whether it be through painting, drawing, designing, collage or any other art form.

Art teaching for me has never just been about doing a pretty picture or completing a task.

Yes ! These things can be important but the value I see is far greater.


I created Artforkidz as a place where people can come and be nurtured in their creativity. For me teaching is all about inviting people to experiment and express themselves in their own unique way.

My Professional Career


  • Employed as a artist & freelance designer for a variety of different companies.

  • Designed wrapping paper, tiles, cards, dinnerware, posters, fabrics as well graphics for T-Shirts.....

  • Employed in a variety of art positions associated with children and adults

  • Worked as an Art Teacher in Primary & Secondary Schools.

  • Worked in After School Care Centres with a focus on Art/Craft.

  • Facilitated and created art workshops in a voluntary capacity for adults & children.

  • Created custom made courses for Homeschoolers.

  • Ran art classes for homeschoolers in their homes 

  • Facilitate group art lessons for Children & Adults

  • Facilitate private art lessons for Children & Adults

  • Working as an Art Therapist with women and children in a not for profit organisation

  • Working as an Art Therapist in Schools with children


Art is my passion and helping to facilitate others in their creativity is a privilege for me!



  • Bachelor of Visual Arts

  • Diploma in Education

  • Fabric/Printing Design 

  • Masters in Art Therapy

  • Working with Children Check

  • Current First Aid Certificate

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