Ages 5 -12 Years Old

Be inspired by the colours & shapes of Henri Matisse's painting 'The Goldfish.'
The steps to draw the shapes are simple, but the colouring options are endless! Learn how to create your own bright and colourful version of ‘The Goldfish, 1912.’

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As an art teacher I often use oil pastels. It is actually one of my favourite mediums when teaching children. I love how rich and vibrant the colours are and how easy they are to apply. I love how you can blend them and add other mediums like ink over the top to create a unique work of art. Not to mention they are great if you are on a tight budget. They are quick to set up and one of the least messy art materials you can use.

This  lesson has been inspired  by Henri Matisse’s ‘The Goldfish’. I love the composition and the variety of colours he uses.

I absolutely loved doing this art lesson with my students. I loved how each child made this their own design. The colours were rich and vibrant and so unique.

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as I did!

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What you will get from the course...

These art lessons are about creating your own version of 'The Goldfish' by Matisse.

These lessons are suitable for children that enjoy colour and pattern and have an intermediate skill in drawing and using oil pastels.

These lessons are perfect for any age child. 

  • Learn a variety of art skills and techniques using oil pastels

  • Using oil pastels your children will learn how to blend colours and create fun works of art.

  • Create beautiful backgrounds by combining oil pastels and sharpies.

  • Create a beautiful piece of artwork.

  • Children will be lead through a variety of easy draw-along lessons.

  • Children can add their choice of colours, patterns and background. 




  • Online lessons (40 min pre-recorded video)

  • Instructional downloadable booklet (PDF)

  • Equipment list

  • Do at your own pace

COST : $12.00

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