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Art classes for children aged between 5 -12 years of age

This course will take your children on a wonderful journey of colour and creativity.

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Children will get to explore different techniques and mixed media using oil pastels as their main art materials.As an art teacher oil pastels is one of my favourite mediums when teaching children. I love how rich and vibrant the colours are and how easy they are to apply. I love how you can blend them and add other mediums like ink over the top to create a unique work of art. Not to mention they are great if you are on a tight budget.

They are quick to set up and one of the least messy art materials you can use.

I hope your children enjoy this activity as much as I did !

About These Lessons

Oil Pastels for beginners is all about creating simple lines and shapes!

These lessons are easy beginner lessons that are perfect for any age child. 

  • Learn a variety of basic art skills and techniques using oil pastels

  • Using oil pastels your children will learn how to blend colours and create fun works of art.

  • Create beautiful backgrounds by combining oil pastels and watercolour/ink.

  • Explore different colour combinations ( tertiary and secondary colour palettes).

  • Create 7 colourful artworks using a variety of mixed media.

  • Children are lead through a variety of easy draw-along lessons with simple background options.

  • Children can add their choice of colours, patterns and background. 

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These art courses can be done at any time to suit you.

We also have other courses available with an interactive element. To find out more click here.

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  • Pre-recorded online lessons

  • Step by step instructions with a fully qualified Art teacher

  • Instructional downloadable booklet (PDF)

  • Equipment list

  • Do at your own pace

Prices starting from $7.00

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Develop Creative Thought
 Inspire Imagination
Encourage Self Expression
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