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All Of Our Online & In Studio Classes Are Taught By A Trained Art Teacher
With Over 25 Years Experience In Teaching Children. 

The children's and teen's art classes are designed to give children the tools and methods required to express their own style of creativity. We believe that all children are creative and deserving of a quality art experience, whether that's in our Berowra studio or around your kitchen table with our online instruction

We provide the resources and guidance to bring out your child's creativity and teach them methods that they can use to make their own masterpieces. And by creating art, you're helping your child explore and develop their understanding of the world around them - and their own personal expression of it.

Kids of all ages enjoy artforkidz art studio’s engaging, entertaining, high quality, and affordable art classes.  Since all classes are small in size the art teacher and kids engage socially, while they learn, create and make art in a group setting. 
Give your child the best education as they learn a combination of artistic technique, enjoy their authentic self-expression, and create artwork to feel proud of. 

All of our in studio and online classes are taught by a trained art teacher with over 25 years experience in teaching children. You will be provided with group instruction as well as individualised guidance.

Step-by-step drawing, painting and mixed-media art projects will be created in every class! Through drawing, watercolour painting, collage and other art materials you will get to express yourcreativity in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

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