Looking for a rich and creative art experience for your child?

Great!These classes are for you.

Do you want your child to able to express themselves in their own unique style?

Are you looking for classes that will increase your child's creativity and imagination?

Do you want to grow your child's confidence in who they are, and not feel like

they have to be like anybody else.

 Are you wanting to have an activity that will help develop fine motor skills, as well as teach them different techniques and skills?

Why Artforkidz?

Artforkidz online and in-person instruction is designed to give children the tools and methods required to express their own style of creativity. We believe that all children are creative and deserving of a quality art experience, whether that's in our Berowra studio or around your kitchen table with our online instruction

We provide the resources and guidance to bring out your child's creativity and teach them methods that they can use to make their own masterpieces. And by creating art, you're helping your child explore and develop their understanding of the world around them - and their own personal expression of it.

It's great that you are thinking about investing in your child's creativity! But I understand that you’re nervous about purchasing a course. Will it be the right course for my child?

Will it be easy for my child to follow along with the lessons and will my kids enjoy it.


That is why I am gifting you with a FREE art lesson. That way you can see if these lessons are suitable for your child.

Each art class has been tried and tested with real students so that common questions are answered and common mistakes can be avoided, leaving you with an enjoyable and successful art experience!

I hope you enjoy this lesson and come back for more !

Are you curious about the online course. Why not try a sample lesson for free!



The Goldfish_edited.png

Every child is born with creativity; sometimes, you just need to help them find it.


Online Courses

Artforkidz offers online art instruction to children ages 5 -12 through art lessons that are designed to teach art techniques through engaging and fun art projects.​ At Artforkidz, we believe that all children are creative and are deserving of a quality art experience even around the kitchen table.​ Our projects are based on a simple instruction method that children can use to create masterpieces that represents their voice and reflects their style.

These art classes are designed to bring confidence and individuality in

a way that will suit your child. 

Develop Creative thought - Inspire imagination - Encourage self expression


oil pastels_ kids_art


These courses will take your children on a wonderful journey of colour and creativity.

Children will get to explore different techniques and mixed media using oil pastels as their main art materials.

Oil Pastels for beginners is all about creating simple lines and shapes!


These lessons are perfect for  the beginner to an intermediate level of skill.


  • Learning how to blend colours and create fun works of art.

  • Creating beautiful backgrounds by combining oil pastels and watercolour/ink

  • Using basic supplies of art paper, oil pastels, and watercolour paint/ink.

  • Children are lead through a variety of easy draw-along lessons with simple background options. 

  • Children can add their choice of colours, patterns and background.

Teriffic Toucan_edited.jpg



Children will learn to draw a simple toucan sitting on a branch, Then we will break out the watercolour paints and sharpies and explore a few techniques.

Henri Matisse_edited.jpg

'THE GOLDFISH' By Henri Matisse


Be inspired by the colours & shapes of Henri Matisse's painting 'The Goldfish.'The steps to draw the shapes are simple, but the colouring options are endless!

Learn how to create your own bright and colourful version of ‘The Goldfish, 1912.’


FREE when using a Creative Kids Voucher $0.00



Continuos Line Portrait .png
The Goldfish_edited.png
Mr Men.png
Funky Fish _edited.png

Berowra Art Studio

Allow your child to express their creativity at at Berowra Studio for in-person classes. Our art classes for children ages 5-14 are designed to teach art techniques through engaging and fun to complete projects! The in-person class has the unique benefit of direct supervision from the art teacher in an engaging environment.

Our projects are based on a simple instruction method that children can use to create masterpieces that represents their voice and reflects their style.

Art supplies are included in the price of all classes, workshops, and programs at our Berowra Studio

Children should provide their own paint shirt (old, oversized shirt) during each class to protect their clothes.

Several projects take more than one class to complete, so please ensure your child is able to attend class.