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8 Things To Consider When Planning Your Art Curriculum | Homeschool Art

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The purpose of planning your art curriculum is to assist you in developing, good organisational practices and effective programming. It will help you identify and consider the resources that are available to you within your budget and the wider community. The more organised and prepared you are can make the creative arts a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your child .


I have compiled a list of 8 things to consider when planning your art curriculum

  1. Consider your child’s prior learning and experience in visual arts.Planning needs to be done in regards to the stage your child is in, as well as their individual level.

  2. Identify their learning needs according to age and stage of their learning needs. Every stage will be different.

  3. Ensure your program has a variety of art experiences and is well balanced.

  4. Programming should include learning experiences that will develop your child's confidence, enthusiasm, enjoyment and independent learning.

  5. Consider what art materials you already have and write a list of what you will need to purchase.

  6. Consider the resources that are available to you within your community. For example art galleries, recycling centres, craft shops, the internet, library, local artists, art galleries, retail art galleries, print shops, colleges and art associations in your area.

  7. You can also purchase online lessons. Some lessons also have an interactive elements included in the class. Check out for some great online lessons.

  8. Alternatively you could organise a group of kids to meet together at someone's house an pay for an art teacher to come to your house. If you share the cost with a few families it won't break the budget.


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